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  • sfBasicSecurityFilter: sfBasicSecurityFilter checks security by calling the getCredential() method
  • sfCacheFilter: sfCacheFilter deals with page caching and action caching.
  • sfCommonFilter: sfCommonFilter automatically adds javascripts and stylesheets information in the sfResponse content.
  • sfExecutionFilter: sfExecutionFilter is the last filter registered for each filter chain. This
  • sfFillInFormFilter: sfFillInFormFilter fills in forms.
  • sfFilter: sfFilter provides a way for you to intercept incoming requests or outgoing responses.
  • sfFilterChain: sfFilterChain manages registered filters for a specific context.
  • sfFlashFilter: sfFlashFilter removes flash attributes from the session.
  • sfRenderingFilter: sfRenderingFilter is the last filter registered for each filter chain. This
  • sfSecurityFilter: sfSecurityFilter provides a base class that classifies a filter as one that handles security.
  • sfWebDebugFilter: @package symfony