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sfActionStackEntry represents information relating to a single sfAction request during a single HTTP request.

Method Summary

Method Details

  • (string) & ()

    Retrieves this entry's rendered view presentation.

    This will only exist if the view has processed and the render mode is set to sfView::RENDER_VAR.

    returns Rendered view presentation

  • (sfAction) getActionInstance ()

    Retrieves this entry's action instance.

    returns An sfAction implementation instance

  • (string) getActionName ()

    Retrieves this entry's action name.

    returns An action name

  • (string) getModuleName ()

    Retrieves this entry's module name.

    returns A module name

  • (sfView) getViewInstance ()

    Retrieves this entry's view instance.

    returns A sfView implementation instance.

  • setPresentation ()

    Sets the rendered presentation for this action.

  • setViewInstance ()

    Sets this entry's view instance.

  • __construct (, , )

    Class constructor.