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This class defines the interface for interacting with data, as well


sfPropelData  <  sfData

Method Summary

Method Details

  • doLoadData () Browse code

    Manages reading all of the fixture data files and

    loading them into the data source

  • doLoadDataFromFile () Browse code

    Loads data for the database from a YAML file

  • (boolean) getDeleteCurrentData () Browse code

    Gets the current value of the flag that indicates whether

    current data is to be deleted or not.

  • getFiles () Browse code

    Gets a list of one or more *.yml files and returns the list in an array

    throws sfInitializationException If the directory or file does not exist.

  • loadDataFromArray () Browse code

    Manages the insertion of data into the data source

  • setDeleteCurrentData () Browse code

    Sets a flag to indicate if the current data in the database

    should be deleted before new data is loaded.