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sfGenerator is the abstract base class for all generators.


sfCrudGenerator  <  sfGenerator

Method Summary

Method Details

  • (string) evalTemplate ()

    Evaluates a template file.

    returns The evaluated template

  • (string) generate ()

    Generates classes and templates.

    returns The cache for the configuration file

  • generatePhpFiles (, , )

    Generates PHP files for a given module name.

  • (string) getGeneratedModuleName ()

    Gets the module name of the generated module.

    returns The module name

  • (string) getGeneratorClass ()

    Gets the generator class.

    returns The generator class

  • (string) getGeneratorManager ()

    Gets the sfGeneratorManager instance.

    returns The sfGeneratorManager instance

  • (string) getModuleName ()

    Gets the module name.

    returns The module name

  • (string) getTheme ()

    Gets the theme name.

    returns The theme name

  • initialize ()

    Initializes the current sfGenerator instance.

  • (string) replacePhpMarks ()

    Replaces PHP marks by <?php ?>.

    returns The converted PHP code

  • setGeneratedModuleName ()

    Sets the module name of the generated module.

  • setGeneratorClass ()

    Sets the generator class.

  • setModuleName ()

    Sets the module name.

  • setTheme ()

    Sets the theme name.

  • (mixed) __call (, )

    Calls methods defined via the sfMixer class.

    returns The returned value of the called method