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This class is the Propel implementation of sfData. It interacts with the data source


sfPropelData  <  sfData

Method Summary

Methods inherited from sfData

doLoadData , doLoadDataFromFile , getDeleteCurrentData , getFiles , loadDataFromArray , setDeleteCurrentData

Method Details

  • doDeleteCurrentData ()

    Clears existing data from the data source by reading the fixture files

    and deleting the existing data for only those classes that are mentioned
    in the fixtures.

    throws sfException If a class mentioned in a fixture can not be found

  • dumpData (, , )

    Dumps data to fixture from one or more tables.

  • fixOrderingOfForeignKeyData ()

    Fixes the ordering of foreign key data, by outputting data a foreign key depends on before the table with the foreign key.

  • fixOrderingOfForeignKeyDataInSameTable ()

  • loadData (, )

    Loads data from a file or directory into a Propel data source

    throws Exception If the database throws an error, rollback transaction and rethrows exception

  • loadDataFromArray ()

    Implements the abstract loadDataFromArray method and loads the data using the generated data model.

    throws Exception If data is unnamed.

  • loadMapBuilder ()

    Loads the mappings for the classes

    throws sfException If the class cannot be found