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sfValidatorConfigHandler Class

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sfValidatorConfigHandler allows you to register validators with the system.


sfValidatorConfigHandler  <  sfYamlConfigHandler < sfConfigHandler

Method Summary

Methods inherited from sfYamlConfigHandler

getConfigValue , mergeConfigValue , parseYaml , parseYamls

Methods inherited from sfConfigHandler

execute , getParameterHolder , initialize , replaceConstants , replacePath

Method Details

  • convertAlternate2Standard ()

    Converts alternate format to standard format.

  • (string) execute ()

    Executes this configuration handler.

    returns Data to be written to a cache file

    throws sfConfigurationException If a requested configuration file does not exist or is not readable

  • (boolean) generateRegistration (, , , , )

    Generates raw cache data.

    returns Returns true if there is some validators for this file/parameter

  • loadAttributes (, , , , , )

    Loads the linear list of attributes from the [names] category.

  • loadNames (, , , , , )

    Loads all request methods and the file/parameter names that will be

    validated from the [methods] category.

  • loadValidators (, , , , )

    Loads a list of validators.