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sfWebDebug creates debug information for easy debugging in the browser.

Method Summary

Method Details

  • (string) decorateContentWithDebug (, , )

    Decorates a chunk of HTML with cache information.

    returns The decorated HTML string

  • (string) formatArrayAsHtml (, )

    Converts an array to HTML.

    returns An HTML string

  • (string) formatLogLine ()

    Formats a log line.

    returns The formatted log lin

  • (string) getCurrentConfigAsHtml ()

    Returns the current configuration as HTML.

    returns The current configuration as HTML

  • (sfWebDebug) getInstance ()

    Retrieves the singleton instance of this class.

    returns A sfWebDebug implementation instance

  • (string) getPriority ()

    Converts a priority value to a string.

    returns The priority as a string

  • (string) getResults ()

    Returns the web debug toolbar as HTML.

    returns The web debug toolbar HTML

  • initialize ()

  • loadHelpers ()

    Loads helpers needed for the web debug toolbar.

  • log ()

    Logs a message to the web debug toolbar.

  • logShortMessage ()

    Logs a short message to be displayed in the web debug toolbar.

  • registerAssets ()

    Registers javascripts and stylesheets needed for the web debug toolbar.