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This class makes easy to use Zend Framework classes within symfony.

Method Summary

Method Details

  • autoload ()

  • (string) requireZendLoader ()

    Detect and return the path to current Zend loader class.

    Starting from ZF 0.9.0 autoloading function has been moved
    from Zend.php to Zend/Loader.php class.
    Starting from ZF 1.0.0 Zend.php class no longer exists.

    This function tries to detect whether Zend_Loader exists
    and returns its path if yes.
    If the first step fails, the class will try to find Zend.php library
    available in ZF <= 0.9.0 and returns its path if its exists.

    If neither Zend/Loader.php nor Zend.php exists,
    then this function will raise a sfAutoloadException exception.

    returns Path to default Zend Loader class

    throws sfAutoloadException