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If some of your projects still use this version, consider upgrading as soon as possible.


  • sfAction: sfAction executes all the logic for the current request.
  • sfActions: sfActions executes all the logic for the current request.
  • sfActionStack: sfActionStack keeps a list of all requested actions and provides accessor
  • sfActionStackEntry: sfActionStackEntry represents information relating to a single sfAction request during a single HTTP request.
  • sfComponent: sfComponent.
  • sfComponents: sfComponents.


  • sfData: This class defines the interface for interacting with data, as well
  • sfEzComponentsBridge: This class makes easy to use ez components classes within symfony
  • sfMail: sfMail class.
  • sfPager: sfPager class.
  • sfZendFrameworkBridge: This class makes easy to use Zend Framework classes within symfony.



  • sfAPCCache: Cache class that stores cached content in APC.
  • sfCache: sfCache is an abstract class for all cache classes in symfony.
  • sfEAcceleratorCache: Cache class that stores cached content in EAccelerator.
  • sfFileCache: Cache class that stores content in files.
  • sfFunctionCache: This class can be used to cache the result and output of any PHP callable (function and method calls).
  • sfMemcacheCache: Cache class that stores cached content in memcache.
  • sfNoCache: Cache class that does nothing.
  • sfProcessCache: sfProcessCache stores content in memory if you run a PHP accelerator.
  • sfSQLiteCache: Cache class that stores cached content in a SQLite database.
  • sfXCacheCache: Cache class that stores cached content in XCache.






  • sfCreoleDatabase: sfCreoleDatabase provides connectivity for the Creole database abstraction
  • sfDatabase: sfDatabase is a base abstraction class that allows you to setup any type of
  • sfDatabaseManager: sfDatabaseManager allows you to setup your database connectivity before the
  • sfMySQLDatabase: sfMySQLDatabase provides connectivity for the MySQL brand database.
  • sfPDODatabase: sfPDODatabase provides connectivity for the PDO database abstraction layer.
  • sfPostgreSQLDatabase: sfPostgreSQLDatabase provides connectivity for the PostgreSQL brand database.
  • sfPropelDatabase: A symfony database driver for Propel, derived from the native Creole driver.
  • sfPropelDataRetriever: sfGenerator is the abstract base class for all generators.


  • sfDebug: sfDebug provides some method to help debugging a symfony application.
  • sfWebDebug: sfWebDebug creates debug information for easy debugging in the browser.




  • sfBasicSecurityFilter: sfBasicSecurityFilter checks security by calling the getCredential() method
  • sfCacheFilter: sfCacheFilter deals with page caching and action caching.
  • sfCommonFilter: sfCommonFilter automatically adds javascripts and stylesheets information in the sfResponse content.
  • sfExecutionFilter: sfExecutionFilter is the last filter registered for each filter chain. This
  • sfFillInFormFilter: sfFillInFormFilter fills in forms.
  • sfFilter: sfFilter provides a way for you to intercept incoming requests or outgoing responses.
  • sfFilterChain: sfFilterChain manages registered filters for a specific context.
  • sfRenderingFilter: sfRenderingFilter is the last filter registered for each filter chain. This
  • sfValidationExecutionFilter: sfExecutionFilter is the last filter registered for each filter chain. This


  • sfForm: sfForm represents a form.
  • sfFormField: sfFormField represents a widget bind to a name and a value.
  • sfFormFieldSchema: sfFormFieldSchema represents an array of widgets bind to names and values.
  • sfFormPropel: sfFormPropel is the base class for forms based on Propel objects.









  • sfConsoleResponse: sfConsoleResponse provides methods for manipulating client response in cli environment.
  • sfResponse: sfResponse provides methods for manipulating client response information such
  • sfWebResponse: sfWebResponse class.


  • sfNoRouting: sfNoRouting class is a very simple routing class that uses GET parameters.
  • sfPathInfoRouting: sfPathInfoRouting class is a very simple routing class that uses PATH_INFO.
  • sfPatternRouting: sfPatternRouting class controls the generation and parsing of URLs.
  • sfRouting: sfRouting class controls the generation and parsing of URLs.




  • sfBasicSecurityUser: sfBasicSecurityUser will handle any type of data as a credential.
  • sfSecurityUser: sfSecurityUser interface provides advanced security manipulation methods.
  • sfUser: sfUser wraps a client session and provides accessor methods for user


  • sfBrowser: sfBrowser simulates a fake browser which can surf a symfony application.
  • sfCallable: sfCallable represents a PHP callable.
  • sfContext: sfContext provides information about the current application context, such as
  • sfDomCssSelector: sfDomCssSelector allows to navigate a DOM with CSS selector.
  • sfEvent: sfEvent.
  • sfEventDispatcher: sfEventDispatcher implements a dispatcher object.
  • sfFilesystem: sfFilesystem provides basic utility to manipulate the file system.
  • sfFillInForm: WARNING: This class is deprecated and will be removed in symfony 1.2.
  • sfFinder: Allow to build rules to find files and directories.
  • sfGlobToRegex: Match globbing patterns against text.
  • sfInflector: @package symfony
  • sfLoader: sfLoader is a class which contains the logic to look for files/classes in symfony.
  • sfMixer: sfMixer implements mixins and hooks.
  • sfNamespacedParameterHolder: sfNamespacedParameterHolder provides a class for managing parameters
  • sfNumberCompare: Numeric comparisons.
  • sfParameterHolder: sfParameterHolder provides a base class for managing parameters.
  • sfTimer: sfTimer class allows to time some PHP code.
  • sfTimerManager: sfTimerManager is a container for sfTimer objects.
  • sfToolkit: sfToolkit provides basic utility methods.
  • sfYaml: sfYaml class.
  • sfYamlDumper: sfYamlDumper class.
  • sfYamlInline: sfYamlInline implements a YAML parser/dumper for the YAML inline syntax.
  • sfYamlParser: sfYamlParser class.