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sfResponse provides methods for manipulating client response information such


sfWebResponse, sfConsoleResponse  <  sfResponse

Method Summary

Method Details

  • (string) getContent () Browse code

    Gets the current response content

    returns Content

  • getOptions () Browse code

  • (bool) initialize ($dispatcher, $options) Browse code

    $dispatcher An sfEventDispatcher instance
    $options An array of options

    Initializes this sfResponse.

    Available options:

    * logging: Whether to enable logging or not (false by default)

    returns true, if initialization completes successfully, otherwise false

    throws sfInitializationException If an error occurs while initializing this sfResponse

  • send () Browse code

    Sends the content.

  • sendContent () Browse code

    Outputs the response content

  • (array) serialize () Browse code

    Serializes the current instance.

    returns Objects instance

  • setContent ($content) Browse code

    Sets the response content

  • setEventDispatcher ($dispatcher) Browse code

    $dispatcher An sfEventDispatcher instance

    Sets the event dispatcher.

  • unserialize ($serialized) Browse code

    $serialized A serialized sfResponse instance

    Unserializes a sfResponse instance.

    You need to inject a dispatcher after unserializing a sfResponse instance.

  • (mixed) __call ($method, $arguments) Browse code

    $method The method name
    $arguments The method arguments

    Calls methods defined via sfEventDispatcher.

    returns The returned value of the called method

    throws sfException If the calls fails

  • __construct () Browse code

    Class constructor.