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sfRouting class controls the generation and parsing of URLs.


sfPathInfoRouting, sfPatternRouting, sfNoRouting  <  sfRouting

Method Summary

Method Details

  • clearRoutes () Browse code

    Clears all current routes.

  • filterParametersEvent ($event, $parameters) Browse code

    $event An sfEvent instance
    $parameters An array of parameters for the event

    Listens to the request.filter_parameters event.

  • fixDefaults () Browse code

  • (string) generate ($name, $params, $querydiv, $divider, $equals) Browse code

    $name The route name
    $params The parameter values
    $querydiv The divider between URI and query string
    $divider The divider between key/value pairs
    $equals The equal sign to use between key and value

    Generates a valid URLs for parameters.

    returns The generated URL

  • (string) getCurrentInternalUri ($with_route_name) Browse code

    $with_route_name Whether to give an internal URI with the route name (@route) or with the module/action pair

    Gets the internal URI for the current request.

    returns The current internal URI

  • (array) getRoutes () Browse code

    Gets the current compiled route array.

    returns The route array

  • (bool) hasRoutes () Browse code

    Returns true if this instance has some routes.

  • initialize ($dispatcher, $cache, $options) Browse code

    $dispatcher An sfEventDispatcher instance
    $cache An sfCache instance
    $options An associative array of initialization options.

    Initializes this sfRouting instance.

    Available options:

    * default_module: The default module name
    * default_action: The default action name
    * logging: Whether to log or not (false by default)
    * debug: Whether to cache or not (false by default)

  • listenToChangeCultureEvent () Browse code

    Listens to the user.change_culture event.

  • loadConfiguration () Browse code

    Loads routing configuration.

    This methods notifies a routing.load_configuration event.

  • mergeArrays () Browse code

  • (array) parse ($url) Browse code

    $url URL to be parsed

    Parses a URL to find a matching route and sets internal state.

    Throws a sfError404Exception if no route match the URL.

    returns An array of parameters

    throws sfError404Exception if the url is not parseable by the sfRouting object

  • setDefaultParameter ($key, $value) Browse code

    $key The key
    $value The value

    Sets a default parameter.

  • setDefaultParameters ($parameters) Browse code

    $parameters An array of default parameters

    Sets the default parameters for URL generation.

  • (array) setRoutes ($routes) Browse code

    $routes The route array

    Sets the compiled route array.

    returns The route array

  • (void) shutdown () Browse code

    Execute the shutdown procedure.

  • __construct () Browse code

    Class constructor.