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sfUser wraps a client session and provides accessor methods for user


sfBasicSecurityUser  <  sfUser

Method Summary

Method Details

  • getAttribute () Browse code

  • getAttributeHolder () Browse code

  • (string) getCulture () Browse code

    Gets culture.

  • (mixed) getFlash ($name, $default) Browse code

    $name The name of the flash variable
    $default The default value returned when named variable does not exist.

    Gets a flash variable.

    returns The value of the flash variable

  • (array) getOptions () Browse code

    Returns the initialization options

    returns The options used to initialize sfUser

  • hasAttribute () Browse code

  • (bool) hasFlash ($name) Browse code

    $name The name of the flash variable

    Returns true if a flash variable of the specified name exists.

    returns true if the variable exists, false otherwise

  • (Boolean) initialize ($dispatcher, $storage, $options) Browse code

    $dispatcher An sfEventDispatcher instance.
    $storage An sfStorage instance.
    $options An associative array of options.

    Initializes this sfUser.

    Available options:

    * auto_shutdown: Whether to automatically save the changes to the session (true by default)
    * culture: The user culture
    * default_culture: The default user culture (en by default)
    * use_flash: Whether to enable flash usage (false by default)
    * logging: Whether to enable logging (false by default)

    returns true, if initialization completes successfully, otherwise false.

  • setAttribute () Browse code

  • setCulture ($culture) Browse code

    Sets the user culture.

  • setFlash ($name, $value, $persist) Browse code

    $name The name of the flash variable
    $value The value of the flash variable
    $persist true if the flash have to persist for the following request (true by default)

    Sets a flash variable that will be passed to the very next action.

  • shutdown () Browse code

    Executes the shutdown procedure.

  • (mixed) __call ($method, $arguments) Browse code

    $method The method name
    $arguments The method arguments

    Calls methods defined via sfEventDispatcher.

    returns The returned value of the called method

    throws sfException If the calls fails

  • __construct () Browse code

    Class constructor.