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sfWidgetFormSelectRadio represents radio HTML tags.


sfWidgetFormSelectRadio  <  sfWidgetForm < sfWidget

Method Summary

Methods inherited from sfWidgetForm

fixFormId , generateId , generateTwoCharsRange , getIdFormat , isHidden , needsMultipartForm , renderContentTag , renderTag , setHidden , setIdFormat , __construct

Methods inherited from sfWidget

addOption , addRequiredOption , attributesToHtml , attributesToHtmlCallback , configure , escapeOnce , fixDoubleEscape , getAttribute , getAttributes , getCharset , getOption , getOptions , getRequiredOptions , hasOption , isXhtml , render , renderContentTag , renderTag , setAttribute , setAttributes , setCharset , setOption , setOptions , setXhtml , __construct

Method Details

  • configure ($options, $attributes) Browse code

    $options An array of options
    $attributes An array of default HTML attributes


    Available options:

    * choices: An array of possible choices (required)
    * label_separator: The separator to use between the input radio and the label
    * separator: The separator to use between each input radio
    * formatter: A callable to call to format the radio choices
    The formatter callable receives the widget and the array of inputs as arguments

  • formatter () Browse code

  • (string) render ($value, $attributes, $errors) Browse code

    $value The value selected in this widget
    $attributes An array of HTML attributes to be merged with the default HTML attributes
    $errors An array of errors for the field

    @param string $name The element name

    returns An HTML tag string

  • __clone () Browse code