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TagHelper defines some base helpers to construct html tags.

Function Summary

Function Details

  • cdata_section ($content) Browse code


  • (string) comment_as_conditional ($condition, $content) Browse code


    Wraps the content in conditional comments.

  • content_tag ($name, $content = '', $options = array()) Browse code


  • escape_javascript ($javascript = '') Browse code


    Escape carrier returns and single and double quotes for Javascript segments.

  • (string) escape_once ($html) Browse code

    $html HTML string to escape

    Escapes an HTML string.

    returns escaped string

  • (string) fix_double_escape ($escaped) Browse code

    $escaped HTML string to fix

    Fixes double escaped strings.

    returns fixed escaped string

  • (string) get_id_from_name ($name, $value = null) Browse code

    $name field name
    $value field value

    Returns a formatted ID based on the parameter and optionally the parameter.

    This function determines the proper form field ID name based on the parameters. If a form field has an array value as a name we need to convert them to proper and unique IDs like so: name[] => name (if value == null)
    name[] => name_value (if value != null)
    name[bob] => name_bob
    name[item][total] => name_item_total


      echo get_id_from_name('status[]', '1');

    returns <select> tag populated with all the languages in the world.

  • (string) tag ($name, $options = array(), $open = false) Browse code

    $name tag name
    $options tag options
    $open true to leave tag open

    Constructs an html tag.

  • (array) _convert_options ($options) Browse code


    Converts specific to their correct HTML format

    returns returns properly formatted options

  • _get_option (&$options, $name, $default = null) Browse code


  • _parse_attributes ($string) Browse code


  • _tag_options ($options = array()) Browse code