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sfBasicSecurityFilter checks security by calling the getCredential() method of the action. Once the credential has been acquired, sfBasicSecurityFilter verifies the user has the same credential by calling the hasCredential() method of SecurityUser.


sfBasicSecurityFilter  <  sfFilter

Method Summary

Methods inherited from sfFilter

getContext , getParameter , getParameterHolder , hasParameter , initialize , isFirstCall , setParameter , __construct

Method Details

  • execute ((sfFilterChain) $filterChain) Browse code

    $filterChain A sfFilterChain instance

    Executes this filter.

  • forwardToLoginAction () Browse code

    Forwards the current request to the login action.

    throws sfStopException

  • forwardToSecureAction () Browse code

    Forwards the current request to the secure action.

    throws sfStopException

  • (mixed) getUserCredential () Browse code

    Returns the credential required for this action.

    returns The credential required for this action