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sfCompareValidator compares two different request parameters.


sfCompareValidator  <  sfValidator

Method Summary

  • bool execute(&amp;$value, (error) &amp;$error)
    Executes this validator.
  • boolean initialize((sfContext) $context, $parameters = null)
    Initializes this validator.

Methods inherited from sfValidator

execute , getContext , getParameter , getParameterHolder , hasParameter , initialize , setParameter , __construct

Method Details

  • (bool) execute (&$value, (error) &$error) Browse code

    &$value A file or parameter value/array
    &$error An error message reference

    Executes this validator.

    returns true, if this validator executes successfully, otherwise false

  • (boolean) initialize ((sfContext) $context, $parameters = null) Browse code

    $context The current application context
    $parameters An associative array of initialization parameters

    Initializes this validator.

    returns true, if initialization completes successfully, otherwise false