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  • sfBrowser: sfBrowser simulates a browser which can surf a symfony application.
  • sfBrowserBase: sfBrowserBase is the base class for sfBrowser.
  • sfCallable: sfCallable represents a PHP callable.
  • sfContext: sfContext provides information about the current application context, such as the module and action names and the module directory. References to the main symfony instances are also provided.
  • sfDomCssSelector: sfDomCssSelector allows to navigate a DOM with CSS selector.
  • sfEvent: sfEvent.
  • sfEventDispatcher: sfEventDispatcher implements a dispatcher object.
  • sfFakeRenderingFilter: sfFilter provides a way for you to intercept incoming requests or outgoing responses.
  • sfFilesystem: sfFilesystem provides basic utility to manipulate the file system.
  • sfFillInForm:
  • sfFinder: Allow to build rules to find files and directories.
  • sfGlobToRegex: Match globbing patterns against text.
  • sfInflector:
  • sfLoader: sfLoader is a class which contains the logic to look for files/classes in symfony.
  • sfNamespacedParameterHolder: sfNamespacedParameterHolder provides a class for managing parameters with support for namespaces.
  • sfNumberCompare: Numeric comparisons.
  • sfParameterHolder: sfParameterHolder provides a base class for managing parameters.
  • sfTimer: sfTimer class allows to time some PHP code.
  • sfTimerManager: sfTimerManager is a container for sfTimer objects.
  • sfToolkit: sfToolkit provides basic utility methods.
  • sfYaml: sfYaml class.
  • sfYamlDumper: sfYamlDumper class.
  • sfYamlInline: sfYamlInline implements a YAML parser/dumper for the YAML inline syntax.
  • sfYamlParser: sfYamlParser class.