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SfPropelBehaviorI18n Class

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Internationalizes Propel models.


SfPropelBehaviorI18n  <  SfPropelBehaviorBase

Method Summary

Methods inherited from SfPropelBehaviorBase

getBuildProperty , isDisabled

Method Details

  • (Column) getCultureColumn ()

    Finds the supplied translation table's culture column.

    throws InvalidArgumentException If there is not a column marked as "isCulture"

  • (Column) getForeignColumn ()

    Returns the column on the translation table the references the current model.

  • (Table) getI18nTable ()

    Returns the current table's i18n translation table.

  • (Column) getLocalColumn ()

    Returns the column on the current model referenced by the translation model.

  • (boolean) hasPrimaryString ($table)

    Checks whether the supplied table has a primary string defined.

  • modifyDatabase ()

    Looks for tables marked as I18N and adds behaviors.

  • modifyTable ()

  • objectAttributes ()

  • objectMethods ()

  • staticMethods ()