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sfBasicSecurityUser will handle any type of data as a credential.


sfBasicSecurityUser  <  sfUser

Method Summary

Methods inherited from sfUser

getAttribute , getAttributeHolder , getCulture , getFlash , getOptions , hasAttribute , hasFlash , initialize , offsetExists , offsetGet , offsetSet , offsetUnset , setAttribute , setCulture , setFlash , shutdown , __call , __construct

Method Details

  • addCredential ($credential) Browse code

    Adds a credential.

  • addCredentials () Browse code

    Adds several credential at once.

  • clearCredentials () Browse code

    Clears all credentials.

  • (array) getCredentials () Browse code

    Returns the current user's credentials.

  • (int) getLastRequestTime () Browse code

    Returns the timestamp of the last user request.

  • (bool) hasCredential ($credentials, $useAnd) Browse code

    $useAnd specify the mode, either AND or OR

    Returns true if user has credential.

  • initialize ($dispatcher, $storage, $options) Browse code

    $dispatcher An sfEventDispatcher instance.
    $storage An sfStorage instance.
    $options An associative array of options.

    Available options:

    * timeout: Timeout to automatically log out the user in seconds (1800 by default)
    Set to false to disable

  • (boolean) isAuthenticated () Browse code

    Returns true if user is authenticated.

  • isTimedOut () Browse code

  • listCredentials () Browse code

    @deprecated Use getCredentials() instead

  • removeCredential ($credential) Browse code

    $credential credential

    Removes a credential.

  • setAuthenticated ($authenticated) Browse code

    Sets authentication for user.

  • setTimedOut () Browse code

  • shutdown () Browse code