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@package symfony


sfConsoleRequest  <  sfRequest

Method Summary

  • bool initialize($dispatcher, $parameters, $attributes, $options)
    Initializes this sfRequest.

Methods inherited from sfRequest

extractParameters , getAttribute , getAttributeHolder , getContent , getMethod , getOptions , getParameter , getParameterHolder , hasAttribute , hasParameter , initialize , offsetExists , offsetGet , offsetSet , offsetUnset , setAttribute , setMethod , setParameter , __call , __clone , __construct

Method Details

  • (bool) initialize ($dispatcher, $parameters, $attributes, $options) Browse code

    $dispatcher An sfEventDispatcher instance
    $parameters An associative array of initialization parameters
    $attributes An associative array of initialization attributes
    $options An associative array of options

    Initializes this sfRequest.

    returns true, if initialization completes successfully, otherwise false

    throws sfInitializationException If an error occurs while initializing this sfRequest