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Base class for all symfony tasks.

Method Summary

Methods inherited from sfCommandApplicationTask

createTask , getMailer , getRouting , initializeMailer , initializeRouting , log , logSection , runTask , setCommandApplication

Methods inherited from sfTask

addArgument , addArguments , addOption , addOptions , ask , askAndValidate , askConfirmation , asXml , configure , doRun , execute , getAliases , getArguments , getBriefDescription , getDetailedDescription , getFormatter , getFullName , getName , getNamespace , getOptions , getSynopsis , initialize , log , logBlock , logSection , process , run , runFromCLI , setFormatter , strlen , __construct

Method Details

  • (bool) checkAppExists ($app)

    $app The application name

    Checks if an application exists.

    returns true if the application exists, false otherwise

  • (bool) checkModuleExists ($app, $module)

    $app The application name
    $module The module name

    Checks if a module exists.

    returns true if the module exists, false otherwise

  • (true) checkProjectExists ()

    Checks if the current directory is a symfony project directory.

    returns if the current directory is a symfony project directory, false otherwise

  • (sfProjectConfiguration) createConfiguration ($application, $env)

    $application The application name
    $env The environment name

    Creates a configuration object.

    returns A sfProjectConfiguration instance

  • createTask ()

    @see sfCommandApplicationTask

  • disablePlugin ($plugin)

    $plugin The name of the plugin

    Disables a plugin in the ProjectConfiguration class.

  • doRun ()

    @see sfTask

  • enablePlugin ($plugin)

    $plugin The name of the plugin

    Enables a plugin in the ProjectConfiguration class.

  • (sfFilesystem) getFilesystem ()

    Returns the filesystem instance.

    returns A sfFilesystem instance

  • (string) getFirstApplication ()

    Returns the first application in apps.

    returns The Application name

  • (sfSymfonyPluginManager) getPluginManager ()

    Returns a plugin manager instance.

    returns A sfSymfonyPluginManager instance

  • initializeAutoload ($configuration, $reload)

    $configuration The current project or application configuration
    $reload If true, all autoloaders will be reloaded

    Initializes autoloaders.

  • installDir ($dir, $finder)

    $dir The directory to mirror
    $finder A sfFinder instance to use for the mirroring

    Mirrors a directory structure inside the created project.

  • reloadAutoload ()

    Reloads all autoloaders.

    This method should be called whenever a task generates new classes that
    are to be loaded by the symfony autoloader. It clears the autoloader
    cache for all applications and environments and the current execution.

  • reloadTasks ()

    Reloads tasks.

    Useful when you install plugins with tasks and if you want to use them with the runTask() method.

  • replaceTokens ($dirs, $tokens)

    $dirs An array of directory where to do the replacement
    $tokens An array of tokens to use

    Replaces tokens in files contained in a given directory.

    If you don't pass a directory, it will replace in the config/ and lib/ directory.

    You can define global tokens by defining the $this->tokens property.

  • setConfiguration ($configuration)

    Sets the current task's configuration.