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sfCacheConfigHandler Class

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sfCacheConfigHandler allows you to configure cache.


sfCacheConfigHandler  <  sfYamlConfigHandler < sfConfigHandler

Method Summary

  • string addCache($actionName)
    Returns a single addCache statement.
  • string execute($configFiles)
    Executes this configuration handler.
  • getConfiguration()
    @see sfConfigHandler

Methods inherited from sfYamlConfigHandler

flattenConfiguration , flattenConfigurationWithEnvironment , getConfigValue , mergeConfigValue , parseYaml , parseYamls

Methods inherited from sfConfigHandler

execute , getConfiguration , getParameterHolder , initialize , replaceConstants , replacePath , __construct

Method Details

  • (string) addCache ($actionName)

    $actionName The action name

    Returns a single addCache statement.

    returns PHP code for the addCache statement

  • (string) execute ($configFiles)

    $configFiles An array of absolute filesystem path to a configuration file

    Executes this configuration handler.

    returns Data to be written to a cache file

    throws sfConfigurationException If a requested configuration file does not exist or is not readable

  • getConfiguration ()

    @see sfConfigHandler