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Class to manage command line arguments and options.

Method Summary

Method Details

  • (sfCommandArgumentSet) getArgumentSet ()

    Gets the argument set.

    returns A sfCommandArgumentSet object

  • (mixed) getArgumentValue ($name)

    $name The argument name

    Returns the argument value for a given argument name.

    returns The argument value

  • (array) getArgumentValues ()

    Returns the argument values.

    returns An array of argument values

  • (array) getErrors ()

    Gets the current errors.

    returns An array of errors

  • (sfCommandOptionSet) getOptionSet ()

    Gets the option set.

    returns A sfCommandOptionSet object

  • (mixed) getOptionValue ($name)

    $name The option name

    Returns the option value for a given option name.

    returns The option value

  • (array) getOptionValues ()

    Returns the options values.

    returns An array of option values

  • (true) isValid ()

    Returns true if the current command line options validate the argument and option sets.

    returns if there are some validation errors, false otherwise

  • parseLongOption ($argument)

    $argument The option argument

    Parses a long option.

  • parseShortOption ($argument)

    $argument The option argument

    Parses a short option.

  • process ($arguments)

    $arguments A string or an array of command line parameters

    Processes command line arguments.

  • setArgumentSet ($argumentSet)

    $argumentSet A sfCommandArgumentSet object

    Sets the argument set.

  • setOption ()

  • setOptionSet ($optionSet)

    $optionSet A sfCommandOptionSet object

    Sets the option set.

  • __construct ($argumentSet, $optionSet)

    $argumentSet A sfCommandArgumentSet object
    $optionSet A setOptionSet object