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sfException is the base class for all symfony related exceptions and

Method Summary

Method Details

  • clearLastException ()

    Clears the $lastException property (added for #6342)

  • (sfException) createFromException ($e)

    $e An Exception instance

    Wraps an Exception.

    returns An sfException instance that wraps the given Exception object

  • (string) escape ($value)

    Escapes a string value with html entities

  • (string) fileExcerpt ($file, $line)

    $file A file path
    $line The selected line number

    Returns an excerpt of a code file around the given line number.

    returns An HTML string

  • (string) formatArgs ($args, $single, $format)

    $args The argument array
    $format The format string (html or txt)

    Formats an array as a string.

  • (string) formatArrayAsHtml ($values)

    $values The values array

    Returns an HTML version of an array as YAML.

    returns An HTML string

  • (string) formatFile ($file, $line, $format, $text)

    $file An absolute file path
    $line The line number
    $format The output format (txt or html)
    $text Use this text for the link rather than the file path

    Formats a file path.

  • (Exception) getLastException ()

    Gets the last wrapped exception.

    returns An Exception instance

  • (string|Boolean) getTemplatePathForError ($format, $debug)

    $format The request format
    $debug Whether to return a template for the debug mode or not

    Returns the path for the template error message.

    returns false if the template cannot be found for the given format, the absolute path to the template otherwise

  • (array) getTraces ($exception, $format)

    $exception An Exception implementation instance
    $format The trace format (txt or html)

    Returns an array of exception traces.

    returns An array of traces

  • outputStackTrace ()

    Gets the stack trace for this exception.

  • printStackTrace ()

    Prints the stack trace for this exception.

  • setWrappedException ($e)

    $e An Exception instance

    Sets the wrapped exception.