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Cache class that stores content in files.


sfFileCache  <  sfCache

Method Summary

Methods inherited from sfCache

clean , get , getBackend , getLastModified , getLifetime , getMany , getOption , getTimeout , has , initialize , patternToRegexp , remove , removePattern , set , setOption , __construct

Method Details

  • clean ()

    @see sfCache

  • get ()

    @see sfCache

  • (string) getFilePath ($key)

    $key The cache key

    Converts a cache key to a full path.

    returns The full path to the cache file

  • getLastModified ()

    @see sfCache

  • getTimeout ()

    @see sfCache

  • has ()

    @see sfCache

  • initialize ()

    Initializes this sfCache instance.

    Available options:

    * cache_dir: The directory where to put cache files

    * see sfCache for options available for all drivers

  • isValid ()

  • (array) read ($path, $type)

    $path The file path
    $type The type of data you want to be returned sfFileCache::READ_DATA: The cache content sfFileCache::READ_TIMEOUT: The timeout sfFileCache::READ_LAST_MODIFIED: The last modification timestamp

    Reads the cache file and returns the content.

    returns the (meta)data of the cache file. E.g. $data[sfFileCache::READ_DATA]

    throws sfCacheException

  • remove ()

    @see sfCache

  • removePattern ()

    @see sfCache

  • set ()

    @see sfCache

  • setcache_dir ($cache_dir)

    $cache_dir The directory where to put the cache files

    Sets the cache root directory.

  • (boolean) write ($path, $data, $timeout)

    $path The file path
    $data The data to put in cache
    $timeout The timeout timestamp

    Writes the given data in the cache file.

    returns true if ok, otherwise false

    throws sfCacheException