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sfFormFilterPropel is the base class for filter forms based on Propel objects.


sfFormFilterPropel  <  sfFormFilter

Method Summary

Methods inherited from sfFormFilter

Method Details

  • addBooleanCriteria ()

  • addDateCriteria ()

  • addForeignKeyCriteria ()

  • addNumberCriteria ()

  • addTextCriteria ()

  • (Criteria) buildCriteria ()

    Builds a Propel Criteria based on the passed values.

    returns A Propel Criteria object

  • camelize ()

  • (Criteria) doBuildCriteria ($values)

    Builds a Propel Criteria with processed values.

    Overload this method instead of {@link buildCriteria()} to avoid running
    {@link processValues()} multiple times.

  • getColName ()

  • (Criteria) getCriteria ()

    Returns a Propel Criteria based on the current values form the form.

    returns A Propel Criteria object

  • (array) getFields ()

    Returns the fields and their filter type.

    returns An array of fields with their filter type

  • (string) getModelName ()

    Returns the current model name.

    returns The model class name

  • (array) processValues ()

    Processes cleaned up values with user defined methods.

    To process a value before it is used by the buildCriteria() method,
    you need to define an convertXXXValue() method where XXX is the PHP name
    of the column.

    The method must return the processed value or false to remove the value
    from the array of cleaned up values.

    returns An array of cleaned up values processed by the user defined methods