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Cache class that stores cached content in memcache.


sfMemcacheCache  <  sfCache

Method Summary

Methods inherited from sfCache

clean , get , getBackend , getLastModified , getLifetime , getMany , getOption , getTimeout , has , initialize , patternToRegexp , remove , removePattern , set , setOption , __construct

Method Details

  • clean () Browse code

    @see sfCache

  • get () Browse code

    @see sfCache

  • getBackend () Browse code

    @see sfCache

  • getCacheInfo () Browse code

    Gets cache information.

  • getLastModified () Browse code

    @see sfCache

  • getMany () Browse code

    @see sfCache

  • (array) getMetadata ($key) Browse code

    $key A cache key

    Gets metadata about a key in the cache.

    returns An array of metadata information

  • getTimeout () Browse code

    @see sfCache

  • has () Browse code

    @see sfCache

  • initialize () Browse code

    Initializes this sfCache instance.

    Available options:

    * memcache: A memcache object (optional)

    * host: The default host (default to localhost)
    * port: The port for the default server (default to 11211)
    * persistent: true if the connection must be persistent, false otherwise (true by default)

    * servers: An array of additional servers (keys: host, port, persistent)

    * see sfCache for options available for all drivers

  • remove () Browse code

    @see sfCache

  • removePattern () Browse code

    @see sfCache

  • set () Browse code

    @see sfCache

  • setCacheInfo ($key, $delete) Browse code

    $key The cache key
    $delete Delete key or not

    Updates the cache information for the given cache key.

  • setMetadata ($key, $lifetime) Browse code

    $key A cache key
    $lifetime The lifetime

    Stores metadata about a key in the cache.