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sfPropelDatabase Class

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A symfony database driver for Propel.


sfPropelDatabase  <  sfPDODatabase < sfDatabase

Method Summary

Methods inherited from sfPDODatabase

connect , shutdown , __call

Methods inherited from sfDatabase

connect , getConnection , getParameter , getParameterHolder , getResource , hasParameter , initialize , setParameter , shutdown , __construct

Method Details

  • addConfig ()

    Adds configuration for current datasource.

  • (void) connect ()

    Connect to the database.

    Stores the PDO connection in $connection.

  • (array) getConfiguration ()

    Returns the current propel configuration.

  • initialize ($parameters, $name)

    $parameters The datasource parameters
    $name The datasource name

    Configures a Propel datasource.

  • (array) parseDsn ($dsn)

    Parses PDO style DSN.

    returns the parsed dsn

  • setConnectionParameter ($key, $value)

    Sets database configuration parameter

  • setDefaultConfig ()

    Marks the current database as the default.

  • (void) shutdown ()

    Execute the shutdown procedure.