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sfPropelDatabaseSchema Class

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Manages propel database schemas as YAML and XML.

Method Summary

Method Details

  • (array) asArray ()

    Dumps schema as array

  • (unknown) asXML ()

    Dumps schema as propel xml

  • (string) asYAML ()

    Dumps schema as yaml

  • (array) convertNewToOldYaml ($schema)

    Converts new yaml schema format to old yaml schema

  • (array) convertOldToNewYaml ($schema)

    Converts old yaml format schema to new yaml schema

  • (array) findTable ($table_name)

    Find table by name

  • (void) fixXML ()

    Fixed xml for using short hand syntax

  • fixXMLBoolean ()

  • (void) fixXMLColumns ()

    Fixes xml columns

  • (void) fixXMLForeignKeys ()

    Fixes xml foreign keys

  • (void) fixXMLIndexes ()

    Fixes xml indices

  • fixYAMLColumns ()

    Fixes columns in yaml shorthand schema

  • fixYAMLDatabase ()

    Fixes databases in yaml shorthand schema

  • fixYAMLI18n ()

    Fixes i18n tables in yaml shorthand schema

  • (string) getAttributesFor ($tag)

    Returns attributes for a tag

  • (array) getAttributesForColumn ($tb_name, $col_name, $column)

    Get attributes for column

  • (array) getAttributesFromCompactType ($type)

    Returns attributes for compact type

    returns The attributes for type

  • (array) getChildren ($hash)

    Returns the children for a given hash

  • getCorrectValueFor ()

  • (array) getNameAndAttributes ($hash, $name_attribute)

    Returns name and attributes from given hash

  • (array) getTables ()

    Returns the tables for database

  • loadArray ($schema_array)

    Load schema from array

  • loadXML ($file)

    $file The path to the propel xml schema

    Loads propel xml schema

  • loadYAML ($file)

    Load schema from YAML file

  • removeEmptyKey ()

  • setIfNotSet ($entry, $key, $value)

    Sets entry if not set