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Propel generator.


sfPropelGenerator  <  sfModelGenerator < sfGenerator

Method Summary

Methods inherited from sfModelGenerator

addCredentialCondition , asPhp , configure , escapeString , generate , getActionsBaseClass , getAllFieldNames , getColumnGetter , getFormMultipartHtml , getFormObject , getI18nCatalogue , getI18NString , getLinkToAction , getManyToManyTables , getModelClass , getPluralName , getPrimaryKeys , getPrimaryKeyUrlParams , getRetrieveByPkParamsForAction , getSingularName , getType , getUrlForAction , loadConfiguration , renderField , validateParameters

Methods inherited from sfGenerator

evalTemplate , generate , generatePhpFiles , getGeneratedModuleName , getGeneratorClass , getGeneratorManager , getModuleName , getTheme , initialize , replacePhpMarks , setGeneratedModuleName , setGeneratorClass , setModuleName , setTheme , __construct

Method Details

  • configure ()

    Configures this generator.

  • (array) getAllFieldNames ($withM2M)

    $withM2M Whether to include m2m fields or not

    Gets all the fields for the current model.

    returns An array of field names

  • (string) getColumnGetter ($column, $developed, $prefix)

    $column The column name
    $developed true if you want developped method names, false otherwise
    $prefix The prefix value

    Returns the getter either non-developped: 'getFoo' or developped: '$class->getFoo()'.

    returns PHP code

  • (array) getDefaultFieldsConfiguration ()

    Returns the default configuration for fields.

    returns An array of default configuration for all fields

  • (array) getFieldsConfiguration ($context)

    $context The Context

    Returns the configuration for fields in a given context.

    returns An array of configuration for all the fields in a given context

  • (array) getManyToManyTables ()

    Returns an array of tables that represents a many to many relationship.

    A table is considered to be a m2m table if it has 2 foreign keys that are also primary keys.

    returns An array of tables.

  • (TableMap) getTableMap ()

    Gets the table map for the current model class.

    returns A TableMap instance

  • (string) getType ($column)

    $column A column object

    Returns the type of a column.

    returns The column type

  • initialize ($generatorManager)

    $generatorManager A sfGeneratorManager instance

    Initializes the current sfGenerator instance.

  • loadMapBuilderClasses ()

    Loads map builder classes.

    throws sfException

  • loadPrimaryKeys ()

    Loads primary keys.

    throws sfException

  • translateColumnName ()