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sfSymfonyCommandApplication Class

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sfSymfonyCommandApplication manages the symfony CLI.


sfSymfonyCommandApplication  <  sfCommandApplication

Method Summary

  • Boolean autoloadTask($class)
    Autoloads a task class
  • configure()
    Configures the current symfony command application.
  • getLongVersion()
    @see sfCommandApplication
  • loadTasks($configuration)
    Loads all available tasks.
  • integer run($options)
    Runs the current application.

Methods inherited from sfCommandApplication

autodiscoverTasks , clearTasks , configure , fixCgi , getAbbreviations , getFormatter , getLongVersion , getName , getOption , getTask , getTasks , getTaskToExecute , getVersion , guessBestFormatter , handleOptions , help , isStreamSupportsColors , isVerbose , registerTask , registerTasks , renderException , run , setFormatter , setName , setVersion , strlen , withTrace , __construct

Method Details

  • (Boolean) autoloadTask ($class)

    $class The task class name

    Autoloads a task class

  • configure ()

    Configures the current symfony command application.

  • getLongVersion ()

    @see sfCommandApplication

  • loadTasks ($configuration)

    $configuration The project configuration

    Loads all available tasks.

    Looks for tasks in the symfony core, the current project and all project plugins.

  • (integer) run ($options)

    $options The command line options

    Runs the current application.

    returns 0 if everything went fine, or an error code