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sfVarLogger logs messages within its instance for later use.


sfWebDebugLogger  <  sfVarLogger  <  sfLogger

Method Summary

Methods inherited from sfLogger

alert , crit , debug , doLog , emerg , err , getLogLevel , getOptions , getPriorityName , info , initialize , listenToLogEvent , log , notice , setLogLevel , setOption , shutdown , warning , __construct

Method Details

  • doLog ($message, $priority)

    $message Message
    $priority Message priority

    Logs a message.

  • (array) getDebugBacktrace ()

    Returns the debug stack.

  • (integer) getHighestPriority ()

    Returns the highest priority in the logs.

    returns The highest priority

  • (array) getLogs ()

    Gets the logs.

    Each log entry has the following attributes:

    * priority
    * time
    * message
    * type
    * debugStack

    returns An array of logs

  • (array) getPriorities ()

    Returns all the priorities in the logs.

    returns An array of priorities

  • (array) getTypes ()

    Returns all the types in the logs.

    returns An array of types

  • (Boolean) initialize ($dispatcher, $options)

    $dispatcher A sfEventDispatcher instance
    $options An array of options.

    Initializes this logger.

    Available options:

    - xdebug_logging: Whether to add xdebug trace to the logs (false by default).

    returns true, if initialization completes successfully, otherwise false.