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sfWebDebugPanelDoctrine Class

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sfWebDebugPanelDoctrine adds a panel to the web debug toolbar with Doctrine information.


sfWebDebugPanelDoctrine  <  sfWebDebugPanel

Method Summary

Methods inherited from sfWebDebugPanel

formatFileLink , formatSql , getPanelContent , getPanelTitle , getStatus , getTitle , getTitleUrl , getToggleableDebugStack , getToggler , setStatus , __construct

Method Details

  • (array) getDoctrineEvents ()

    Returns an array of Doctrine query events.

  • (string) getPanelContent ()

    Get the html content of the panel

    returns $html

  • (string) getPanelTitle ()

    Get the verbal title of the panel

    returns $title

  • (array) getSqlLogs ()

    Builds the sql logs and returns them as an array.

  • (string) getTitle ()

    Get the title/icon for the panel

    returns $html

  • listenToAddPanelEvent ()

    Listens to debug.web.load_panels and adds this panel.