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sfWebDebugPanelView Class

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sfWebDebugPanelView adds a panel to the web debug toolbar with information about the view layer.


sfWebDebugPanelView  <  sfWebDebugPanel

Method Summary

Methods inherited from sfWebDebugPanel

formatFileLink , formatSql , getPanelContent , getPanelTitle , getStatus , getTitle , getTitleUrl , getToggleableDebugStack , getToggler , setStatus , __construct

Method Details

  • (array) filterCoreParameters ($parameters)

    Removes parameters prefixed with "sf_" from the array.

  • (array) filterTemplateParameters ($event, $parameters)

    Stacks action and partial parameters in the template.filter_parameters event.

  • (string) formatFormAsHtml ($name, $form)

    Formats form information as HTML.

  • (string) formatFormFieldSchemaAsHtml ($fieldSchema, $nameFormat)

    Formats form field schema information as HTML.

  • (string) formatObjectAsHtml ($name, $parameter)

    Formats object information as HTML.

  • (string) formatParameterAsHtml ($name, $parameter)

    Formats information about a parameter as HTML.

  • (string|null) getLastTemplate ($class)

    $class Name of the rendering view class

    Returns the path to the last template rendered.

  • getPanelContent ()

    @see sfWebDebugPanel

  • getPanelTitle ()

    @see sfWebDebugPanel

  • (string) getParameterDescription ($name, $parameter)

    Formats information about a parameter as HTML.

  • getTitle ()

    @see sfWebDebugPanel

  • listenForChangeAction ($event)

    Resets the parameter collections.

  • (string) renderTemplateInformation ($file, $parameters, $label)

    $file The template file path

    Renders information about the passed template and its parameters.

    The rendered HTML for each parameter is filtered through the "debug.web.view.filter_parameter_html" event.

  • (string) shortenTemplatePath ($path)

    Shortens an action's template path.

  • (string) varExport ($value)

    Returns a string representation of a value.

  • __construct ($webDebug)

    $webDebug The web debug toolbar instance