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sfWidgetFormInputFileEditable Class

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sfWidgetFormInputFileEditable represents an upload HTML input tag with the possibility


sfWidgetFormInputFileEditable  <  sfWidgetFormInputFile < sfWidgetFormInput < sfWidgetForm < sfWidget

Method Summary

Methods inherited from sfWidgetFormInputFile


Methods inherited from sfWidgetFormInput

configure , render

Methods inherited from sfWidgetForm

fixFormId , generateId , generateTwoCharsRange , getDefault , getIdFormat , getLabel , getParent , isHidden , needsMultipartForm , renderContentTag , renderTag , setDefault , setHidden , setIdFormat , setLabel , setParent , translate , translateAll , __construct

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Method Details

  • configure ($options, $attributes)

    $options An array of options
    $attributes An array of default HTML attributes


    Available options:

    * file_src: The current image web source path (required)
    * edit_mode: A Boolean: true to enabled edit mode, false otherwise
    * is_image: Whether the file is a displayable image
    * with_delete: Whether to add a delete checkbox or not
    * delete_label: The delete label used by the template
    * template: The HTML template to use to render this widget when in edit mode
    The available placeholders are:
    * %input% (the image upload widget)
    * %delete% (the delete checkbox)
    * %delete_label% (the delete label text)
    * %file% (the file tag)

    In edit mode, this widget renders an additional widget named after the
    file upload widget with a "_delete" suffix. So, when creating a form,
    don't forget to add a validator for this additional field.

  • getFileAsTag ()

  • (string) render ($name, $value, $attributes, $errors)

    $name The element name
    $value The value displayed in this widget
    $attributes An array of HTML attributes to be merged with the default HTML attributes
    $errors An array of errors for the field

    Renders the widget.

    returns An HTML tag string