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sfWidgetFormSchemaFormatter Class

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sfWidgetFormSchemaFormatter allows to format a form schema with HTML formats.


sfWidgetFormSchemaFormatterList, sfWidgetFormSchemaFormatterTable  <  sfWidgetFormSchemaFormatter

Method Summary

Method Details

  • formatErrorRow ()

  • formatErrorsForRow ()

  • formatHelp ()

  • formatRow ()

  • (string) generateLabel ($name, $attributes)

    $name The field name
    $attributes Optional html attributes for the label tag

    Generates a label for the given field name.

    returns The label tag

  • (string) generateLabelName ($name)

    $name The field name

    Generates the label name for the given field name.

    returns The label name

  • getDecoratorFormat ()

  • getErrorListFormatInARow ()

  • getErrorRowFormat ()

  • getErrorRowFormatInARow ()

  • getHelpFormat ()

  • getNamedErrorRowFormatInARow ()

  • getRowFormat ()

  • (mixed) getTranslationCallable ()

    Returns the current i18n callable

  • (string) getTranslationCatalogue ()

    Get i18n catalogue name

  • getWidgetSchema ()

  • setDecoratorFormat ()

  • setErrorListFormatInARow ()

  • setErrorRowFormat ()

  • setErrorRowFormatInARow ()

  • setHelpFormat ()

  • setNamedErrorRowFormatInARow ()

  • setRowFormat ()

  • setTranslationCallable ($callable)

    Sets a callable which aims to translate form labels, errors and help messages

    throws InvalidArgumentException if an invalid php callable or sfCallable has been provided

  • setTranslationCatalogue ($catalogue)

    Set an i18n catalogue name

    throws InvalidArgumentException when the catalogue is not a string

  • setWidgetSchema ($widgetSchema)

    $widgetSchema A sfWidgetFormSchema instance

    Sets the widget schema associated with this formatter instance.

  • (string) translate ($subject, $parameters)

    $subject The subject to translate
    $parameters Additional parameters to pass back to the callable

    Translates a string using an i18n callable, if it has been provided

  • unnestErrors ()

  • __construct ($widgetSchema)