Donate to the symfony project

Symfony is, and will always be, free (as in beer). This is Open Source Software the way we like it. We contribute code, it creates a community and new business opportunities, and we get (part of) our investement back, plus the fun.

But it appears that many people have proposed to donate since the first release of the framework, and they don't have any easy way to do it. So we implemented a "donate" button in the symfony project website.

Those of you who use symfony and who are satisfied with the product, those who would love to see its development speed up, those who don't use it but find it so well coded and documented, can now donate money to the symfony project.

The money will go to Sensio, Fabien's company, and will be used to pay us to do some pure symfony work. This means that we will have time to develop features that are not directly related to our own projects. This means that we will spend more time helping users in the IRC channel, the mailing-list and the forum. This means that the symfony framework development will accelerate.

You, philantropic millionaire, if you wonder what do do with this pile of dollars/yens/euros/whatever, and if you like the symfony spirit, you can donate. And you, chief executive of this big IT company who benefits from the symfony productivity to sell more, you can also donate. And you, curious user who asks 5 questions a day in the forum and always gets an answer, you can donate as well.

Symfony will give it back to you.