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The plugin section lists 1459 symfony plugins developed by 609 contributors.

If you are a symfony user, you will find all the available plugins for the symfony framework. For each plugin, you will also find the information you need to install it and learn how to use it.

If you are a symfony contributor, register to have access to the plugin management system. Then, you will be able to create plugins, update existing ones, and contribute to plugins created by other contributors.


Find the plugins available for your version(s) of symfony and the ORM(s) you use.
Filter them by category or plugin/developer name.

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  1. sfDoctrineGuardPlugin  796 users
  2. sfFormExtraPlugin  622 users
  3. sfGuardPlugin  561 users
  4. sfThumbnailPlugin  334 users
  5. sfJqueryReloadedPlugin  300 users
  6. sfFeed2Plugin  244 users
  7. sfImageTransformPlugin  230 users
  8. sfAdminDashPlugin  207 users
  9. sfWebBrowserPlugin  188 users
  10. sfDoctrinePlugin  176 users