WebPurifyPlugin - 1.0

Powerful profanity filter for symfony

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WebPurify Plugin


WebPurify provides a cost-effective real-time profanity filtering service.

This plugin provides sfWebPurifyProfanityValidator, which rejects a value if it contains profanity.

Future versions may implement the other methods available from WebPurify


Purchase an API key from WebPurify. You can signup for a test license by entering localhost for the IP address.

Add the following to your app.yml file:

        api_key: YOUR API KEY HERE

To use it in your forms, combine it with the existing validator for a given field by using sfValidatorAnd:

$this->validatorSchema['name'] = new sfValidatorAnd(array(
  , new WebPurifyProfanityValidator()

You could also invoke the LiveCheck method without the validator by doing this:

$command = new WebPurifyLiveCheckCommand(sfConfig::get('app_webpurify_api_key'), 'Text to check for profanity');
$isClean = $command->isClean(); //returns TRUE or FALSE


We developed and released this plugin, but we are not affiliated with WebPurify so do not contact us for WP support issues.