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This symfony plugin allows you to create custom configuration variables in view.yml at the app-, module- and action-level. Inheritance works as expected. Custom keys should be added under the .custom key in view.yml. Custom config data is appended to the default view.yml cache file.

This plugin overrides the default symfony view config handler (sfViewConfigHandler). If you're implementing a custom view config handler, your class should extend adhViewConfigHandler for this to work in tandem with yours (though, this hasn't been tested).


In apps/myApp/config/view.yml:

  ## existing configs ##

    foo: bar

This variable is now available from sfConfig. Keys are always prefixed by view_custom_:

sfConfig::get('view_custom_foo');  // returns 'bar'

Config parameters can be set at the module and action level as well. In apps/myApp/modules/foo/config/view.yml:

# module level
    my_config: foo

# action template level
    my_config: bar

From apps/myApp/modules/foo/actions/actions.class.php:

class fooActions extends sfActions {

  public function executeIndex(sfWebRequest $request) {
    sfConfig::get('view_custom_my_config'); // returns 'bar', overridden by 'indexSuccess' setting

  public function executeAnotherAction(sfWebRequest $request) {
    sfConfig::get('view_custom_my_config'); // returns 'foo' from 'all' setting