ahAdminGeneratorThemesPlugin - 1.0.1

The `ahAdminGeneratorThemesPlugin` is a symfony plugin that provides two symfony admin generator themes with additional features.

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Changelog for release 1.0.1 - 09/11/2010

  • fixed documentation (missing "echo" statement)

Other releases

Release 1.0.1 - 09/11/2010

  • fixed documentation (missing "echo" statement)

Release 1.0.0 - 19/07/2010

  • bugfix: sorting on virtual columns (and partials for that matter) did not work!

  • bugfix only in ahAdminGeneratorThemesPluginAdmin: merged in security-related bugfix from symfony Core team (sorting)

  • and finally: version 1.0!!! :)

Release 0.8.3 - 25/03/2010

Initial release.