alBBCodeParserPlugin - 0.1.2

Maxime Vanmeerbeck

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Based on the PECL extension BBCode, this plugin adds an escaping method ESC_BBCODE that parses your content and replaces bbcode by html. You define all the bbcode tags you need in a settings file. Thanks to the PECL extension, the plugin is really light, only one helper and a settings file.


  • Install the plugin

    $ symfony plugin:install alBBCodeParserPlugin

(or download and unzip in your /plugins directory or checkout with SVN)

  • Clear your cache

    $ symfony cc


The plugins comes with a configuration file:

  • config/settings.yml

This is the default configuration that defines all the tags parsed. You can modify or add more by copying this file in your /lib/config (at any stage).


  • In a view :

    // Load the helper
    <?php use_helper("Parsing"); ?>
    // indexSuccess.php
    $sf_data->get("var", ESC_BBCODE);

Extend the plugin

To add your own tags : BBCode PECL extension simply uses an array as paramaters The plugin transforms the bbcode yml in the settings in an array for bbcode_create. All you have to do is copying the settings.yml and add your tags.


>First release

This plugin is sponsored by Alcyonis