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Add news and events to your Apostrophe projects.

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Changelog for release 1.4.0 - 25/05/2010

First official release of apostropheBlogPlugin

Other releases

Release 1.5.1 - 05/02/2011

Version 1.5.1 is an important stability and bug-fixing release. Strongly recommended for those using the tarball releases. MUCH BETTER IDEA: set up the Apostrophe plugins as svn:externals pointing to the 1.5 stable branch so you get important fixes with every svn update (but not radical new buggy features).

Here's what we fixed in 1.5.1:

  • Categories are correctly mirrored to the virtual page, fixes search problems
  • Tag import is now supported
  • Some adjustments to disqus, added ability to enable developer mode in app.yml, added the comment count to the blog meta partial
  • Import task cleanup
  • i18n fixes
  • No more defaults for blog import, you have to specify --events=filename.xml and/or --posts=filename.xml. This way you are not surprised by a double-import from the default location
  • disqus comment code was showing up even when disqus was disabled (fixed)
  • aBlog.js needs to be in view.yml, period, due to blog slots (sandbox fix, removed nonfunctioning code to load it)
  • Fixed missing tag widget label
  • Blog header appears properly when logged out
  • Many fixes to apostrophe:migrate to ensure category information is brought over from the 1.4 plugin, alpha versions of the 1.5 plugin
  • Behave gracefully when blog posts no longer have an author (author deleted)
  • UI improvements and fixes
  • getRichTextForAreas method, convenient for lightweight views where you don't need independent slots
  • Admins were losing their ownership upon saving of the blog post form because the list of allowed authors did not contain them (fixed)
  • Author filters are now alphabetically sorted
  • You can now filter by "No Author"
  • Category filters are now alphabetically sorted
  • You can now locate uncategorized posts by selecting "Uncategorized" from the Categories filter dropdown
  • Author and category filters can be combined with other filters properly
  • Google Calendar URLs were often too long; imposed a character limit rather than a word limit to ensure this does not happen

Release 1.5.0 - 18/01/2011

  • A major upgrade to blog plugin functionality, stability and usability
  • Apostrophe’s events feature is integrated with Google Calendar, Outlook and iCal among others thanks to the vCalendar standard. Fully tested for Outlook compatibility back to 2003
  • Completely revamped the "blog posts" and "events" slots with excellent typeahead search for picking individual posts, easy selection of tags and categories for automatic selection of relevant content
  • Extensive usability and reliability improvements to the blog and event editing and browsing experience
  • Separate public blog pages can be separately designed, in addition to selecting specific categories for inclusion as before
  • Category, tag, search and date filters can be combined naturally when browsing events and blog posts
  • Blog posts can be searched from within the blog, events can be searched from within the events calendar
  • Better outgoing RSS feeds from the blog plugin

Release 1.4.1 - 06/08/2010

  • Fixed new category validator, now uses post validator to clean values.
  • Fixed improper filtering of categories on show success of blog and events.
  • Single post blog slot now searches for titles correctly via slots, rather than looking at the obsolete title field. The event slot does too.
  • Fixed a logic problem regarding the slideshowOptions arrow in the slot component classes
  • aEventSingleSlot uses the correct form, allowing the slot to be saved
  • Fix for new categories validator
  • Fix for new categories validator when user can't add new categories
  • You can have just events and no blog, or vice versa, or both
  • Fixed form class methods to properly match method signature of doctrine parent classes
  • Removed edit categories link when editing events and posts
  • Fixed inconsistencies in blog and event sidebar tag counts. Future dated posts and events no longer contribute to tag count. Also posts with multiple categories were formerly counted once for each category
  • Fixed routing problem with date pager for events
  • Fixed misnamed value for categoryColumn
  • Edited metadata to only show end dates when it is different from the start date address
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible for aBlogItem to be undefined when the slot is used as a singleton and still had no content
  • Cleaned up event meta partial. Now only shows times when it is a single day event with different start/end times. Multi day events do not show times, as this leads to confusion. Times for multi-day events are better explained in the event body
  • Routing no longer needs to specify what filters are applied for each route
  • Two column slot template brought up to date
  • Added robot blocking back for multiple filtering to prevent your server from being DOSed by Google Search Appliance (this does not harm SEO because everything is accessible via a single filter at most)
  • When viewing events in an engine index events are shown whenever their date range overlaps the filtered date range
  • Fixed bug where filtering could break admin view when a selected filter value was deleted
  • Using unset to clear filters instead of setting them to null
  • Allow no value to be set when deselecting filters
  • Changed default ordering of categories to be by name
  • Made it easier to override default templates
  • Sidebar area was not using the sidebar toolbar for richtext editor in the twoColumnTemplate
  • Author field should be unset when not logged in as an admin
  • Unfloated the selected tag to correct display
  • Being a user for a category means that you can categorize your posts into it. It does not mean that you can edit other people's posts that happen to be in it. Only blog admins have blanket permission to do the latter. You must be a member of the editors group (if there is one) to be listed as a category author. This limits the size of the dropdown and is necessary for the same reasons as in the page settings dialog. Added an overridable getUseFields method to aBlogCategoryForm::setup() making it possible to add fields without getting clobbered by the useFields() call in setup()
  • There was a significant bug designed into the blog sidebar relating to tags and the way the blog admin handled form submissions for the page. There is now a new reuseable tagWidget in the DoctrineActAsTaggable plugin. This widget closely resembles the way the flickr interface for managing tags works. It is much more stable and fixes the bug we had with accidentally submitting the sidebar
  • Brought new tag widget over to Events
  • Titles live in Apostrophe text slots, which contain preescaped HTML (boring HTML with only entities). When slugifying a blog post we need to unescape the HTML first as the slugifier expects (and is happy to deal with) a real UTF8 string
  • Cleanup of tags, fixed categories bug where the permissions check was not wrapped around the edit button
  • Fixed blog sidebar category layout bug in IE7
  • Permalink displayed in post and event editor now displays the date in the url
  • Fixed copy/paste error, a_blog_post changed to a_event
  • Made it easier to override engine settings forms
  • The blog plugin had markup in javascript inline in a partial. This causes validation errors unless you wrap the script in CDATA - Fixed this in 1.4 and trunk
  • updated blog plugin to use jquery ui 1.7.3 by default if it is not set in settings.yml
  • published_at now has a default value.
  • Altered formating of dates in event admin.
  • Event admin was using a blog route for removing filters.
  • Updated README to point to our wiki

Release 1.4.0 - 25/05/2010

First official release of apostropheBlogPlugin