buMixpanelPlugin - 0.1.2

Real-Time Analytics using Mixpanel - Have your symfony actions tracked in real-time (instead of your pageviews in the next day)

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This plugin aims to ease the integration of mixpanel into a symfony project!


  • Bundles the javascript library
  • Everything is configurable in yaml, app/mod/action levels
  • Enables auto-tracking of all symfony actions and its parameters
  • Allows to easily track an event and user properties
  • Allows to easily set a name_tag for every event, so the user is always identified
  • Some view-layer helpers

How to Install/Configure:

Get a mixpanel account, if you haven't got one


Install the plugin

You can either download it (and extract it into plugins/) or install it through symfony's pear channel:

    php symfony plugin:install buMixpanelPlugin --stability="alpha"

Add buMixpanelFilter to your filters.yml file

    # insert your own filters here
      class: buMixpanelFilter

Configure your project token in your app.yml file

          token: insertYourTokenHere

Publish the plugins assets

    php symfony plugin:publish-assets

Clear cache

    php symfony cc

How to use

After configuring as explained above, it should automatically track your symfony internal actions and parameters

Just go to your mixpanel project page to see the actions being registered in real-time.

If you want a better control of what is tracked and how, here's the main things you can do:

  • Set the param "auto_tracking_enabled" to false in your app.yml
  • Set the global "enabled" to false in a certain environemnt or module
  • Register your event manually using $this->getMixpanelTracker()->addEvent($eventName,$eventProperties);
  • Set user-level properties upon login using $this->getMixpanelTracker()->addSuperProperty($propertyName, $propertyValue);


  • Add helper for mixpanel platform, to generate charts to be displayed, easily
  • Allow backend invisible event tracking without javascript
  • Allow events to be configured in the module.yml
  • Integrate with sfGuard for optionally auto-registering user properties
  • Get feedback