csDoctrineActAsGeolocatablePlugin - 1.0.0

A plugin that adds auto-population of latitude and longitude fields and useful geolocating functions to model

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This plugin is for Doctrine only. It provides API integration with Google Maps to allow for the automatic fetching of latitude and longitude for a given model. This is configurable for any field/fields on your model. You should retrieve your own API key from google and add it to your project's app.yml as follows:

        key:            **MYGOOGLEKEY**

How It Works

Add the behavior to your model:

        actAs: [Geolocatable]

By default, Geolocatable will look for a "postal" field to use when integrating with the Google API. To change this, you simply need to add the fields you wish the plugin to use instead:

                fields: [city, state]

In your project you may want the plugin to use a field that is not named the same as the geolocator fields. For instance, If your field customer_state needs to map to state. You can accomplish this by modifying your behavior options:

                    city:  city
                    state: customer_state


The Geolocatable plugin comes with many useful methods which calculate the distances between objects automatically. Here are some of the methods:

Object Methods:

  • refreshGeocodes($force = false) refreshes the geocodes for the object via the Google Maps API. the $force option will refresh the geocodes even if the item's codes are already set.
  • getGeocoder() returns the geocoder model populated with the object's values. Useful for debugging
  • findAdjacent($distance = null, $distance_unit = null) finds all adjacent models of the same type, ordered by distance. The $disatnce parameter limits the results within a certain distance, and $distance_unit can be either miles or kilometers. Default is miles.

Table Methods

  • refreshAllGeocodes($force = false) runs refreshGeocodes on every item in the table and passes the $force variable
  • findByGeocode($latitude, $longitude, $distance, $distance_unit = null) finds all records within a given distance from a given geocode. $distance_unit can be either miles or kilometers. Distance is a selected attribute.
  • geolocate($options, $distance, $distance_unit = null) mixed $options represents either an associative array of column names and values to search on ('city' => 'Nashville') or if there is only one column to search on, takes this value and searches on it (for instance, if POSTAL is being searched, you can pass a zip code directly)
  • getDistanceQuery($latitude, $longitude, $distance = null, $distance_unit=null)
    query used for findByGeocode.
  • addDistanceQuery($query, $latitude, $longitude, $distance=null, $rootAlias=null, $distance_unit=null ) adds distance query to a preexisting query. field "distance" on each object represents the distance away from the passed latitude and longitude. If $distance is not null, results are limited to that distance from the given geocodes.

Please contact bshaffer@centresource.com for any comments or questions