csDoctrineSlideshowPlugin - 1.1.0

csDoctrineSlideshowPlugin: quickly add slideshows to your project

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This plugin is for Doctrine only. It provides a Slideshow and Slide object for easy slideshow integration.

How It Works

Configure your slideshow defaults:

    speed:      fast
    timeout:    5000
    fx:         null
    SlideshowJQueryCycleRenderer: 'JQuery Cycle'
    SlideshowGoogleSlideshow2Renderer: 'Google Slideshow 2'

if you want anything different, you can override these settings in your app.yml

Create a slideshow record in the database.

Finally, to include your slideshow, simply include the csSlideshow module in your settings.yml, and then add the component call to your view:

<?php include_component('slideshow', 'slideshow', array()) ?>

By default, the component pulls all slides. If you are targeting a specific slideshow, send the id of the desired slideshow to the component:

<?php include_component('slideshow', 'slideshow', array('id' => 3)) ?>

If you already have your slideshow object instance, you can pass that as well:

<?php include_component('slideshow', 'slideshow', array('slideshow' => $slideshow)) ?>

Likewise, if you have a custom group of slides you'd rather the slideshow use, you can send that as well:

//For use of default slideshow parameters with custom slides
<?php include_component('slideshow', 'slideshow', array('slides' => $slides)) ?>
//For using a specific slideshow parameters with custom slides
<?php include_component('slideshow', 'slideshow', array('slideshow' => $slideshow, 'slides' => $slides)) ?>


The plugin currently supports two renderers: JQueryCycle and Google Slideshow2. Each slideshow renderer comes with its own customizable list of options. These are completely configurable and easily extensible (see renderer libraries for documented code).

For JQuery Cycle The available options are:

  • Effects:

    • blindX
    • growX
    • scrollLeft
    • zoom
    • fade
    • turnLeft
    • turnDown
    • curtainX
    • scrollRight
  • Speed of Effect

    • slow
    • fast
  • Timeout (integer)

For Google Slideshow2 The available options are:

  • Thumbnails (True or False) - Show Thumbnails
  • Controls (True or False) - Show Controls
  • Captions (True or False) - Show Captions
  • Paused (True or False) - If the slideshow is paused on load

Slides are added separately, and can then be added to one or more slideshows. They contain fields image, title (alt text), and description (caption).
All of these gracefully degrade, so what is not needed can simply be ignored.


  • All slides are orderable.
  • All slideshow images are hashed and saved in the uploads/slideshow directory. To change this, override the getUploadPath() method in your Slide.class.php
  • Javascripts/Styles are automatically included in your component, so editing of your view.yml is not necessary

Please contact bshaffer@centresource.com for any comments or questions


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