csFormTransformPlugin - 1.0.0

Uses the Jquery Transform library to automatically render your forms for a web 2.0 look

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This plugin allows you to provide a quick web 2.0 look to your forms using the jQuery jqtransform plugin



Requirements: Included jQuery Library on the page

First set your form's formatter by adding the following code to your form's setup() method:

public function configure()
    $formatter = new csWidgetFormSchemaFormatterJQTransform($this->widgetSchema);
    $this->widgetSchema->addFormFormatter('cs-formatter', $formatter);

Alternatively, place the code above in your Base Form in a method, for example setJQFormatter(), and then call this method in any form you want to format in this way.

Second add use_helper('FormTransform'); to your view where you are displaying your form.

Third add the class jqtransform to the form or forms you want to be transformed.

And you're done!


You can add/override the javascripts / stylesheets included in this plugin by overriding the plugin's app.yml:

    stylesheets:  ['/csFormTransformPlugin/css/jqtransform.css']
    javascripts:  ['/csFormTransformPlugin/js/jquery.jqtransform.js']

This allows you to easily give your transformed forms custom styles