dbFormExtraPlugin - 0.0.5

Useful widgets/validators for your project

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The dbFormExtraPlugin packages useful validators, widgets, and forms.

This collection holds validators, widgets, we used for a project. This can be useful for future projects


  • Install the plugin

    $ symfony plugin:install dbFormExtraPlugin
  • Make sure to create the symlinks / copy content in web folder by using publish assets

    $ symfony plugin:publish-assets
  • Clear the cache

    $ symfony cache:clear


  • sfWidgetFormDateJQuery

Use is very easy & straightforward, replace your datewidgets by the sfWidgetFormDateJquery


public function configure() { $this->widgetSchema['start_at'] = new sfWidgetFormDateJQuery(); $this->widgetSchema['end_at'] = new sfWidgetFormDateJQuery(); }

Make sure your form is registering all required css/stylesheets by using this somewhere in your template


include_stylesheets_for_form($form) include_javascripts_for_form($form)

That's it.


  • sfWidgetFormDateDynarch : data widget (as used in symfony 1.0)
  • sfWidgetFormColorPickerJQuery : color picker (JQuery Color Farbtastic)
  • sfWidgetFormDateJQuery : datepicker based on jquery datepicker (from sfFormExtraPlugin) but includes jquery and works out of the box


  • sfValidatorColorHex : validates a color (#FFF, #FFFFFF) in hex format

How to contribute.

If you want to contribute a to this plugin, email info@digitalbase.eu