dcReferenceModelPlugin - 1.0.0

Reference model classes generation plugin

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Plugin that makes it easy to implement a set of reference classes which are used as constant and options holders for classes that are accessory to the actual data model.


Install and enable the plugin in your symfony project.

# Install the plugin via plugin:install - it automatically enables it.
$ php symfony plugin:install dcReferenceModelPlugin


Place your reference model definition files in the project's config directory. The only requirement in their names is that they end with reference.yml.

For example, you can separate your definition into two different files:

  • config/reference.yml
  • config/my-other-reference.yml

and both of them will be processed.

The reference model definition files have the following structure:

  package: lib.reference
      1: Active
      2: Suspicious - Might be a spammer
      3: Banned
      1: Reviewed - Ok
      2: Reviewed - Not Ok
      3: Pending
      4: Won't review
      1: Published
      2: Archived - Old stuff
      3: Not published
      4: Archived

In this example -let's say we're developing yet another blog system- three reference classes are defined: UserState, CommentState and PostState. As their names suggest, they will be used for identifying User, Comment and Post states respectively.

Upon generation, all classes will be automatically placed in the project's lib/reference directory, as defined in the package parameter. This is the default value for that parameter, so if it is ommitted it will default to lib.reference.

Classes generation

The plugin contains a symfony task that creates all the classes defined in your reference model definition(s) for you. To use it, you only have to invoke it:

$ php symfony reference:build

And automatically all generated classes will be created an placed inside the target directory defined by the package parameter in the reference model definition(s).

Generated classes logic

All the classes generated with the reference:build task implement the dcReferenceClassInterface interface, which has the following API that gives access to the options defined in the reference model definitions:

interface dcReferenceClassInterface
  public static function getOptions();
  public static function getIdentifiers();
  public static function toString($identifier);

For further info on the interface and/or its API, you may look at its source code which is fully documented.

Additional goodies

As an added value, the plugin includes a choice widget and a choice validator that automatically handles the choices retrieval for you.

Let's say you want to override the state_id widget in a PostForm:

// In the PostForm class
public function configure()
  // ...
  $this->setWidget('state_id', new dcWidgetFormReferenceModelChoice(array(
    'model'     => 'PostState',
    'add_empty' => true
  $this->setValidator('state_id', new dcValidatorReferenceModelChoice(array(
    'model' => 'PostState'

For further info on these goodies, you may look through their source code.