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MIT sf 1.4sf 1.3sf 1.2sf 1.1
The sfBBCodeParserPlugin allows you to parse BBCode and get the corresponding html output. There are 6 available filters which provide the following tags: * Basic (b, i, u, s, sub, sup) * Extended (color, size, font, align, quote, code, h1 to h6) * Images (img) * Links (url) * Lists (list, ulist, li) * Email (email) You can activate the filters you want, for each filter you can also tell witch tags can be use. And finally you can make your own filters with your own tags. Almost everything can be configured in the plugin, filters, tags, attributes, opening and closing character... The plugin is based on the PEAR library HTML_BBCodeParser but the PEAR dependencies were removed so you don't have to install it in order to use the plugin.